10 Tips to Maintaining Successful Relationships after 50

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At 55 you are not the same person you were at 25, 35, or even 45.  When seeking to create new relationships or nurture existing bonds with family and friends, it’s important to consider who you are today and bring this version of yourself to the table.

Check out these tips for maintaining successful relationships after 55. The best is yet to come.

Be Yourself

At the top of the list of relationship advice for seniors: Be true to yourself. There is no time for games at this stage of the game. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and share your true feelings. Pretense will only get you so far. A relationship that is built on honesty and integrity will be both enriching and built to last.

Be Accountable

Any relationship advice over 55 must include willingness to accept your part in the dynamic. When you take responsibility for your own actions you will be able to create a closer connection to family and friends.

Love Yourself

Eating healthy and getting into a regular exercise routine will contribute to a graceful aging process. In keeping yourself fit and healthy, you will bring more vitality and energy to any relationship.

Open Up

Sharing begets sharing. The more you share with the important people in your life, the more comfortable they will feel sharing with you. As you learn about each other, your bond will strengthen.

Be a Safety Net

The circle of trust between you and your loved ones should be a safe space where everybody can feel truly seen and heard. Facing the challenges of aging is less daunting with good friends by your side. Having each other’s backs is what it’s all about.

Learn How to Fight

No two people are always going to share the same opinion which is why conflict is a part of any healthy relationship. Approaching disagreements with the intention of really listening and understanding each other’s point of view will go a long way toward mature and peaceful resolutions.

Be Positive

In everyday interactions, instead of always sharing what you don’t want, focus on what you do want. When addressing issues, use language that is kind instead of hurtful. Be sure to remind your friends and family members how much they mean to you as often as possible.

Pay Attention

When communicating with those you care about, give your full attention. That means put the phone away, turn off the sports network, and be fully engaged in what they have to say. Sneaking a look at an incoming text during a conversation may seem like a small distraction but can have big consequences in the relationship.

Make Time for Yourself

A little personal space goes a long way in relationships. Spend quality time with friends and loved ones, but make sure to nurture your own interests and passions even if it means venturing out on your own.

Have Fun Together

The kids are gone, retirement is either a reality or just around the corner. The one obligation you have is to have fun with friends and create new memories. Laugher is the best anti-aging serum.

Ask yourself if you’ve been getting what you need from past or present relationships, and if those needs have changed, it’s time to make them known. Love and friendship are wonderful gifts at any age but can be particularly rewarding during this chapter of life.

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