Date Night Ideas

Date Night Ideas

As the formidable Bette Davis famously remarked “getting old is not for sissies.” Same can be said for dating—especially for those who have actually heard of Bette Davis. Returning to a dating scene that bears no resemblance to the one you left decades ago can be daunting. But making new connections, whether they lead to romance or not, is well worth the effort. As the smarter, more experienced version of your 20-something self, you’re certainly not going to let a few first date jitters stand in the way of potential future happiness, right?

Below are a few dating suggestions for sharing a meaningful, relaxing, fun day or evening with a new prospect—or somebody already special.

Learn Something New

To break the ice, try a new activity that takes you out of your respective comfort zones. If you are both fleet of foot, make it a night of dancing at a local dance studio and learn a few new moves like the cha-cha or tango. Cooking classes are always fun and will certainly spark conversation and a few laughs. Also, many cities offer painting classes that are stress free and engaging.

A Multiple Restaurant Experience

If your city has multiple restaurants within walking distance, split the evening at different venues. Try one location for appetizers, one for the main course and another for dessert. Take your time over each course and use the time in between to get to know each other better. It takes some advance planning, but can add some pizzazz to dining out.

A His and Her Joint Planning Mission

Split the planning responsibilities with each of you tackling half the event. You could wind up starting the evening at a high-end eatery and finishing up at a bowling alley. Be sure to give your partner a heads up on appropriate dress and keep an open mind.

Brunch is Beautiful

If this is a first outing, there is no law that says it must be in the evening. Every city has great brunch places and you can enjoy a casual, fun daytime encounter to see if the two of you are a good fit. Popular brunch spots get busy, so a reservation would be advisable.

Keep it Moving

If both you and your date are exercise enthusiasts, you may enjoy connecting through your favorite sport or physical activity. A friendly game of tennis or golf between two like-minded participants is a great way to spend relaxing time together. A long stroll through a scenic park would facilitate natural communication.

Whether you begin your senior dating experience through internet sites, get fixed up by a friend or strike up a conversation at the grocery store that leads to an evening out, remember, the basic premise is as old as time and unchanged.

Girl meets Boy. They go out on a date. It doesn’t work. The End.

Or, it does work.

The Beginning.