Home Sweet Apartment: Settling In

Home Sweet Apartment: Settling In

In the conclusion of his four-part series on “rightsizing,” Dan Carlson explains the joyful process of making new friends and becoming an active part of a welcoming community.

In his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Steven Covey suggests that each of us pause to consider two things: who are we, and what do we want in life? Then, he says, we should strive to achieve that which we have envisioned.

This is exactly what Bonnie and I did as we went about “rightsizing” our lives, and the outcome has been better than we had any right to expect.

Full disclosure, there were times during this process when we got frustrated (Why won’t the cable TV people answer the phone?), and others when we got tired (Time for a nap!). But now that we are settled in and enjoying the lifestyle and living arrangement we had imagined, any minor challenges we faced along the way are history.

Our neighbors here at Overture Ridgmar are overwhelmingly warm and welcoming, and we are enjoying becoming acquainted with a community of folks about our age with whom we share so similar interests. Every week there is a range of social opportunities—happy hours, breakfasts, etc.—affording the chance to get to know more about our neighbors and our neighborhood.

One morning each week, a group of men at Overture Ridgmar gather and drive to a nearby restaurant for breakfast. There are many good things about living here, but getting to know these fellows, all of whom, like me, are retired, is at the top of my list. An outsider seeing this group of guys gathered at a breakfast table would not know the backgrounds or variety of experiences represented therein, but I do, and I am grateful to be able to join them.

Residents who enjoy board or card games have a number of choices each week, while those interested in physical fitness can participate in Tai Chi, Yoga and Line Dancing. Bonnie and I feel especially lucky to be directly down the hall from the fitness room giving us easy access to a treadmill, an exercise bike and a cross-trainer. Outdoors, there is a paved walking path and a community garden, along with a large and lovely pool (which our grandchildren love).

An added benefit of Overture Ridgmar is its location in the city of Fort Worth, a town we love. We have a range of entertainment and cultural attractions, great shopping, very nice restaurants, and quality medical care within easy reach. Traffic had been a major problem where we lived before, so we are delighted that we now drive on streets that are far-less congested.

When we decided on Overture Ridgmar, there was one residence available in the floor plan we liked and we secured it. For us, our apartment—our home—is perfect. The layout gives us two bedrooms, two full bathrooms, high ceilings, a terrific kitchen, a washer and dryer, and colossal storage. Our place also has a separate office with French doors and, notably, thick walls and the resultant quiet and solitude we were seeking.

One very important reason for our move was the desire to be free from the maintenance and upkeep associated with home ownership. Thanks to the outstanding management team at Overture Ridgmar, that vision is a reality.

It is comforting to know relief from any maintenance issues is but a phone call away.

Recently, one of our new neighbors put it this way: “When I owned a house and sat on the back porch, all I saw in the yard was things that needed to be done!”  Here at our new home, we have a good-sized deck which we have furnished with two comfortable chairs and an assortment of lovely flowering plants. When Bonnie and I sit out there in the evening, all we see is the beautiful view.

And we are loving it!

For Dan and Bonnie, every day at Overture is an opportunity to expand their horizons and enjoy this new exciting chapter of life to the fullest. They are thrilled to have left the stressful responsibilities of homeownership behind, and are loving being part of a thriving, enthusiastic community of peers with whom they are busy making new memories. Contact us to become part of the Overture family today. Like Dan and Bonnie, discover the joys of the rightsizing experience.

Daniel Carlson
Daniel Carlson

Daniel Carlson is a retired police officer, former law enforcement educator and present-day active author. He and his high school sweetheart Bonnie, have been married for over half a century and have recently co-authored a book titled, “Home Sweet Apartment…Getting Rightsized in Our Seventies.” The young at heart couple are currently loving life at Overture Ridgmar, which is in the Great State of Texas, and in purposefully close proximity to their three children and seven terrific grandchildren.

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