How To Get Organized in the New Year: 3 Simple Tips to Get Started

How To Get Organized in the New Year: 3 Simple Tips to Get Started

I want to get organized this year, but…

“I just don’t know where to start.”

“I’m overwhelmed.”

“I haven’t gone through there in years (or decades)!”

Choosing to get organized whether achieving a New Year’s Resolution, acting on a long procrastinated “to do,” or preparing for a move can be a huge endeavor.

However the results can be liberating. Consider these three particular actions and ease the stress around organizing and start in such a way that you will finish your project and reach your goals.   



One of the first actions in getting organized is prioritizing the spaces you want organized. If you are unsure where to start, ask yourself:

  • What area annoys me the most?

  • Which room has to be decluttered by _____?

  • What could I do in this space if it was organized?

  • How would my life be easier if _____ was organized?

 These questions will lead you to identifying the priority areas of your home. Select the top three and start with those spaces.



Once you have your top three areas selected, take your first priority and think realistically about how much time and energy it will take to go through the items, then block off time to accomplish the task. Some rooms require more time, so work in two or three-hour blocks to spread the work over several days.

If you do have a larger project, use that block of time to tackle one aspect of the room at a time. For instance, organizing your kitchen might take four, two-hour blocks:

Block 1: the drawers in your kitchen,

Block 2: your upper cabinets,

Block 3: the bottom cabinets,

Block 4: refrigerator and pantry.

This helps because during organizing everything is pulled out and you don’t want too much out or to leave everything out until your next work session. You want to be able to use your space! In addition, finishing the smaller project gives you a sense of accomplishment.



Now that you have your top priority room booked into your schedule, you will want to use your time most efficiently by utilizing an organizing method. Most people just open the door and pick up the first item and decide to keep it or toss it. That works until you get three hours into a project and can’t remember what you did with that other shoe or if you had another hammer in there.


This organizing method is simple, easy to follow, and gleans maximum results:

1. Sort. Sort everything into broad categories.

2. Decide. Take each category and decide what items stay or go.

3. Rehome. Find a home befitting the quantity of items in a category.

4. Containerize. Use an appropriately sized container to house the items.

5. Maintain. Each item has a “home,” so make sure the items return to their home.

Remember, setting smaller goals, pacing your self, and using a method will make all the difference. It’ll help lower your stress levels around organizing; you’ll accomplish more; and you’ll succeed in reaching your organizing goals.

If you follow these three tips, your stress levels will be lower, you’ll accomplish more, and succeed in reaching your organizing goals. Remember, pacing yourself and setting smaller goals will make all the difference.

Suzanne Holsomback
Suzanne Holsomback

Suzanne Holsomback is an Austin, Texas based holistic, Professional Organizer. She works individually with clients to get organized and manage their time better, so they can rest and enjoy the important things in life!

Suzanne holds a Bachelor of Art in Religion from Baylor University, a Master of Divinity from George W. Truett Seminary, and a Master of Philosophy in Social Anthropology from the University of Oxford. Her background includes working for the Girl Scouts and the Oxford University Student Union as well as George W. Truett Theological Seminary.

You can reach Suzanne at or via her website as well as on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, & Instagram.

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