Should You Go Digital? Tips for Keeping Up With Technology

Should You Go Digital? Tips for Keeping Up With Technology

Remember when the generation gap meant your parents hated your clothes, hair, music, and—if you were a teenage girl—most probably your boyfriend? They just didn’t get you, man.

Today’s technology has boosted that gap to a whole new level. Your kids and grandkids are plugged into a fast-paced world of apps and virtual reality that has revolutionized their existence. Without a willingness to understand at least the basics, you will be stuck on the outside looking in, totally disconnected from their lives.

Seriously, it’s hard to annoy your children with voicemail messages anymore. They don’t even bother to check them. Much more efficient to stalk them on Facebook or shoot them a nagging text. And they will go totally nuts when you discover emojis, those funny little expressive icons. It’s worth it to find a class that is designed to teach seniors technology just for that!

It’s Not How. It’s Why.

The truth is for most active adults, the disconnect with technology is related to function more than form. It’s not about being incapable of learning how to connect to the internet or operate all the various devices. It’s about not understanding just how this gadgetry can be relevant to life at this stage. Finding out about the apps and software that meet your needs will elevate you from observer to participant and make your life both easier and more fun.   

Digital Health and Wellness

The right apps and software can help keep you on top of your healthcare. For example, there are accessories and apps to help check your blood sugar. There are also fitness apps to bring the gym to you wherever you are. There are games and brain exercises to keep your mind engaged and alert. And remember, the device goes wherever you go so whether you’re on the couch or on the move, it’s always handy.

Stay in Touch

Texting the kids is one thing. Video chatting can make the miles between you and your long distance loved ones evaporate. You can check out the grandkids’ school projects or take a tour of their new house and keep the family connection strong and vital. Just wait until you show them you know how to facetime. That will do them in! And once you know how to upload, download and send photos by text or email, your kids can easily keep you in their loop.

Back to School

Your devices offer unlimited learning opportunities. As an active adult, you may have more time on your hands than ever before. Tap into the resources at your fingertips to learn a new craft, take a mini course, listen to a stimulating podcast or chat with others from all over the world who share your passions and interests.

With a little information, the information highway can be yours to navigate. As you realize how easy it is to get connected, you’ll wonder why you hesitated. Seniors and technology, a match made in 21st century heaven.