Top Gifts for Mom This Mother's Day

top gifts for mom

Remember when you came home from elementary school with a Mother’s Day gift made by your own two little hands? How excited was Mom for that macaroni art or slightly lopsided clay pot? It was all about pulling out all the stops to show that very special woman how much you cared.

The fact that elementary school is a speck in your rearview mirror and Mom has transitioned into active adulthood does not change your desire to celebrate Mother’s Day with a gift that shows love and appreciation. Is your mother still working? Or is she busy creating new relationships and experiences as a retiree? Whatever her circumstances, there are plenty of great senior gift ideas to consider.

Digitize Photos

If Mom has downsized into an active adult community, there is a good chance you will find a box full of photos she has collected over the years. Assuming she has a computer, bring over your scanner and create a digitized slideshow for her that she can view anytime. Imagine the fun of strolling down memory lane and bonding with Mom as the two of you relive childhood memories. It’s a win/win for both of you as you enjoy quality time together.

Tune into Social Media

Bring over Mom’s favorite lunch and then sit down for a serious social media session. Help her create a Facebook page, and Instagram and Twitter account. She will thank you for this valuable gift of time and practical information, as she becomes better connected to family and friends.

A Day of Beauty

Nothing says I love you like sharing a Mother/Daughter spa day. Mom will be doubly thrilled to spend time with you while being pampered. This is a great gift for sons too—minus the spending time part! Unlike the first two options, this one will not be free, but it will be a cherished memory.

Photo Bouquet

Well, macaroni art may no longer be your thing, but homemade gifts for Mom can still be more meaningful than store-bought items. For example, unlike real flowers, a photo bouquet will last forever. Cut construction paper into floral shapes. Copy images of childhood photos and cut them into matching shapes. Glue photos to construction paper and create a unique memory bouquet. Mom will love the sentiment.

Wireless Headphones

While Mom may rock an iPad and smartphone, she may not have discovered the joy of wireless headphones. She will love the freedom of movement that comes with being totally unplugged while exercising, or just talking on the phone—while it’s in her purse!

Tasty Treats

Mother’s Day can be delicious with a treat that perfectly suits Mom’s tastes. Varieteas will deliver three new teas a month for $10. For $23, the Wine of the Month Club will send her a new bottle of wine every month. Graze offers a variety of healthy treat boxes and retailers like Harry and David can provide all kinds of gourmet specialties, fruits and desserts.  

A Robotic Helper

Cleaning is a necessary evil at any age, but it can become even more challenging for seniors. The Roomba is a robotic vacuum that can be programmed to clean the floors up to seven times a week. When it’s finished, it docks itself and recharges. Though definitely not the cheapest option, this is a senior gift idea that keeps on giving.  Mom can kick back and relax while the Roomba makes life easier.

Choose to give your time and talent or buy Mom a gift that will perfectly enhance her current lifestyle. As long as it is a gift from your heart, it will create a perfect Mother’s Day!