Trips To Take As Soon As You Retire

route 66

Welcome to retirement! Your time is officially your own to use exactly as you please. Remember all those fabulous travel plans you’ve been saving for the future? Guess what? The future is now! 

When it comes to things to do when you retire, everybody’s vision is unique and personal, but according to AARP statistics, the common thread with retiring Baby Boomers is travel. Here is a list of some of the best vacations for 55+-year-olds. Maybe one of them will be your next destination.

Hit the Road

Why not hop in the car, RV or your Harley, and enjoy a cross country drive? The first thing to do is to check out a map and decide which destinations appeal to you. Take Route 66 between Chicago and Los Angeles and hit the Grand Canyon along your way. Or take a more southern route between Georgia and California, passing through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana and Alabama. Another popular path is Route 50 which starts in Maryland and ends up in Northern California and includes various mountain ranges, deserts, plains as well as Washington DC and Lake Tahoe. If you rent a car for the trip, you can treat yourself to a flight home. 

Southeast Asia River Cruise

If southeast Asia is uncharted territory for you, a cruise offers an easy, fun way to explore. Enjoy all the onboard amenities by night, including luxury accommodations and gourmet dining. By day, take organized land excursions and discover the history and culture of this part of the world. Different cruise lines offer varying itineraries that include destinations like Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the jewel of Central America. With rain forests, jungles, loads of wildlife, hot springs and volcanoes nestled between the Pacific and Caribbean oceans, Costa Rica offers a vacation that blends wilderness and luxury. After a day of hiking, playing golf, or seeing creatures frolicking in their natural habitats, pull up a chaise at your five-star resort and relax with a tropical cocktail. 

African Safari

Buckle up for a long flight that is worth it for the trip of a lifetime. As you get up close and personal with romping rhinos, giraffes, hippos and observe herds of elephants splashing around the water hole with their calves, you will be in a continual state of amazement. Bush accommodations are incredible with 5-star luxury and cuisine in the middle of nowhere. This is the adventure you’ve never had time for—until now.

Rocky Mountaineer

Explore the Canadian Rockies from the comfort of the Rocky Mountaineer’s glass-domed rail cars. There are several itineraries that combine train and land travel. There is no scenery in North America quite as majestic as western Canada. Lake Louise, Jasper and Banff will knock your socks off. End your trip in Vancouver and hop aboard a cruise to Alaska to finish off the journey. 

Now that nobody is the boss of you, it’s time to pull out that bucket list and transform those travel fantasies into the experiences of your lifetime.