What Does Move in Ready Senior Living Mean?


So, you’ve been told your new senior apartment is a “move-in ready home.” If you’re not exactly sure what that means, join the club. Though it sounds straightforward, move-in ready is one of those flexible concepts that lends itself to multiple interpretations. 

The technical definition, according to Black’s Law Dictionary, is that the space is code compliant and includes functioning utilities as well as doors and windows that lock. However, for house and apartment hunters, the term tends to be more about appealing aesthetics. This “Tomato/Tomahto” discrepancy can be a source of contention between realtors and clients.

Below are four different interpretations of “move-in ready.” When you begin your search for move-in ready senior apartments, be sure to be specific about your personal expectations.

So, What Does Move-in Ready Mean?

No Major Renovations Needed

  • To some, move-in-ready means the home is in great shape and there will be no need for structural changes that require board approval or city permits or stressful construction work that can be a major headache. This does not guarantee there are not some cosmetic issues to address, like new countertops, appliances or wallpaper. 

No Aesthetic Changes 

  • Move-in ready can also mean there are absolutely no aesthetic changes necessary. Those that interpret move-in ready in this way expect fixtures, appliances, and finishes to be up to date and all walls to be freshly painted. 

A Habitable Environment

  • Move-in ready can also be taken completely literally to mean a home is functional so suitable for people to live in it, regardless of how dated the décor. We’re talking running water, a working kitchen and functioning appliances….and possibly bathrooms and wallpaper from the ‘50s!

Complete Pre-Closing Checklist

  • On an even more basic level, move-in ready can mean the pre-closing walkthrough has been completed and the home meets the criteria on the checklist. So, basically in this scenario, move-in-ready means plumbing, electricity and appliances are working, the house has been cleaned and painted and the locks have been changed.

Overture’s Active Adult Communities take the term “move-in ready” seriously. With state-of-the-art amenities and high-end décor and appliances, Overture’s living spaces are truly ready for you to unpack and start the business of having fun immediately. 

If you’re ready to take the plunge and are overwhelmed at the thought of physically tackling downsizing and moving, there are many senior moving services like the National Association of Senior Move Managers out there to help streamline the process. It’s time to find the community that is as move-in ready as you are!